how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A


fun facts


I’m calling this crap out. How is this a fair standard to hold people to? Counselors are licensed professionals who spend years studying psychology, not kids online trying to maintain positive attitudes, often against REALLY difficult circumstances. How are sad teens supposed to know how to approach this kind of thing?

Maybe this is just a joke but it’s tiring watching grown-ass adults complain about kids trying to look out for each other. Cringe all you want but grow up about it and keep your petty grouchiness to yourselves

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i remember even just a year ago, i’d see pictures all the time of people with captions saying “i’m ugly” and stuff like that

but now, just about every day on my dash, it’s gotten to be like a thing where people will say “my hair looked super cute today” or “i’ve been feeling so body positive lately”

how awesome is that

i want to believe


The new IOS8 update contains an app named Health which CANNOT BE DELETED.

The app allows you to choose which aspects of your health you choose to monitor, but available categories include “Body Measurements”, which includes body weight, and “Fitness”, which contains sections for calories…


I PROMISE you that every single depressed person has been told to exercise already, you are never ever ever going to be the first person to suggest that to any depressed person ever.


ok but asian cecil

i’m a huge prude tbh

VERY sex repulsed lately. like. everything is gross

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